About Us

Snertingdal Ysteri, founded in 1919, is a cheesery located in rural Snertingdal, Norway, with a history that dates back more than 100 years.

The early years

During the early years, almost all the farmers in the village of Snertingdal delivered their milk to us, here at Snertingdal Ysteri. In the many years to follow, our cheesery was a regular meeting point for the people of Snertingdal, as well as functioning as the local dairy outlet. The production of dairy products, and processing of milk was in full operation until the latter half of the 1970’s, at which time the production was shut down, and taken over by the bigger Gjøvik Meieri. From the early 1980’s, until mid-90’s the main building of Snertingdal Ysteri housed a tractor workshop, as well as a seafood outlet, until it was left inactive until 2017.  From 2018-2019, the main building was renovated, in accordance with historical building practices, and is today a substantial production facility.

The present

These days only two farmers deliver their milk to our cheesery. One of them produces cow’s milk and is also a co-owner in the business. The other one produces and delivers goat milk. Today we produce ten sorts of cheese, which are mainly gouda-based. These are flavored with different types of spices and cultures, as well as a vegetable based Indian paneer cheese. We also make two blue cheeses of our own: Snertingdal Blå Viking, made of pure cow’s milk, and Go’ biten combining both cow’s, and goat’s milk.

Our Products

We do our best to produce a high-quality cheese with as few additives as possible, whilst maintaining our commitment to be a sustainable production and distributing company.


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